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Roots & Boots, LLC 

is a boutique organic garden design company located in Westchester County, NY. Our specialty is small-scale garden design, installation, and management. We also support those who seek to learn as they grow.  When it comes to gardening: We can do it for you, with you, or advise you so you can DIY!  Most any budget can be accommodated. The Roots & Boots approach is eco-friendly and hands on. 

People, increasingly, seek to live more in balance with nature, yet we have less time in our busy schedules to maintain gardens.  Gardens benefit us greatly, as sanctuaries and investments to increase the value of our homes. They are, in fact, an extension of our homes. They are personal and also serve to support nature. If we think in terms of sustainability (incorporating native plants, composting on site...) we can create more manageable gardens that are less high-maintenance. Natural doesn't have to mean "messy." Organic doesn't mean you can't eliminate weeds. When we plant with an eye toward the future we ALL, from babies to beneficial bees (and budgets), benefit.